Mandatory deposit of €100

Companies, which is often necessary to rent a car in Montenegro, Relax Rent a Car offers special rates designed to meet such requirements. The rental price includes regular maintenance of vehicles, replacing the event of a failure or accident insurance to third parties and 19 % VAT. The rental price does not include fuel costs.

The vehicle can be reserved filling the form on our home page, by phone: +382 69 217 171, +382 68 151 415, e-mail: relaxcar.me@gmail.com

Car rental can be paid by cash, bank transfer or credit card. Relax Rent a Car accepts MasterCard and Visa cards.

Relax Rent a Car Montenegro offers a several months rent for companies under special conditions . For further information contact our commercial service: phone : +382 69 217 171, +382 68 151 415 or e-mail: relaxcar.me@gmail.com

Minimum drivers age is 21 years.

The driver must present their valid driver's license, held for at least two years . Foreign national driving licenses are also valid, presented in original or legible, certified translation. International driver's licenses are valid only accompanied by a national driver's license.

The vehicle can operate and another person in the lease indicated as an additional driver. Free of charged for each additional driver.

Accessories can be ordered at time of booking vehicles: baby seats, GPS, ski box, etc. Additional fees are not charged for additional equipment.

Relax Rent a Car Montenegro offers delivery and collection services on your address. Free delivery.

Special conditions of rental apply for travel outside the borders of Montenegro. Joining in individual countries is possible, it is indicated when renting a car. Special conditions of rental are also contained in the lease. Additional costs for leases beyond the borders of Montenegro is charged.

For damages not exceeding € 500, costs are borne by the lessee. In the event that the damage exceeds € 500, costs not borne by the tenant, unless the tenant has operated under the influence of alcohol or without a valid driver's license. In both cases, the tenant is obligated to call the police and submit the record to the lessor.

All vehicles Relax Rent a Car Montenegro are insured for damage to third parties, in accordance with the law of Montenegro. In this way , the parties are protected from any and all claims of third parties.

Montenegro road trips ideas

Enjoy the ride through the exciting landscapes of Montenegro. These routes are recommended by Tourist Organization of Montenegro.

Relax Rent a Car - Montenegro trips
Relax Rent a Car - Montenegro trips
Relax Rent a Car - Montenegro trips